„Glucose After Alcohol Life” and „Glucose After Alcohol Forte” - a new generation of products resulting from a unique, swiss formula combined with latest achievements of cutting edge medicine.

„Glucose After Alcohol” is the world’s only effective antidote for preventing the negative next day consequences of alcohol consumption, helping people worldwide to brush – off this unpleasant problem!

We are changing the world for the better!

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1. Drink it while consuming alcohol
2. Immediately after waking up
3. On the next day

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Glucose After Alcohol Forte effectively gives you a new lease of life and puts you in top mood. It has been enriched with caffeine, guarana and taurine, which provide an extra dose of pure energy and lets quickly forget about consumed alcohol. No matter how much fun you have had the previous day.

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1. Drink it while consuming alcohol
2. Before going to sleep
3. On the next day

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Glucose After Alcohol Life effectively helps you get rid of visible signs of tiredness. Drink it while consuming alcohol before going to bed, or on the next day. Get back into top mood regardless of "the next day effects".

Zapewnia doskonałe samopoczucie

Provides excellent mood

Dostarcza dodatkowej energii

Provides additional energy

Uzupełnia niedobory witamin

Complements the deficiency of vitamins

Wskazane zawsze po alkoholu

Indicated always after alcohol

Usuwa oznaki zmęczenia

Removes signs of fatigue

Uzupełnia niedobory minerałów

Complements the deficiency of minerals

Essential “Fuel” delivered directly to the most important human body control center – the brain, it is primarily a source of instantly available pure energy necessary for proper functioning of the organism disturbed by excessive alcohol consumption. It is also the only natural and extremely effective “Fuel” in the state of fatigue and exhaustion, both physical and mental.

Stimulating the cerebral cortex, the respiratory and vasomotor centers, it raises the level of adrenaline in the blood. Hence it improves the mood and quickly eliminates weariness and tiredness. It also improves mental efficiency, maintains wakefulness and enhances the memory and concentration processes.

Containing natural caffeine, it improves memory and concentration, but also prevents the destructive effects of nervous exhaustion. Natural caffeine contained in guarana is absorbed by the organism at a slower rate than synthetic caffeine, which ensures prolonged access to extra energy. It promotes weight loss: on one hand, it reduces hunger, and on the other hand, it improves metabolism by increasing energy expenditure. It has an antioxidant effect, helping people stay young for a longer time.

It is involved in the processes of neurotransmission and brain development, strengthens the heart as well as the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It stimulates the muscles, prevents symptoms of exhaustion and overtraining as well as promotes metabolism of cholesterol and accelerates the body detoxification.

An ingredient essential to our lives. It increases the body immune defenses, affects the production of collagen, participates in the metabolism of fats and what is referred to as bad cholesterol. It prevents oxidation processes, neutralizes free radicals that cause many chronic diseases and aging, and keeps the level of cancerous nitrosamines low. Vitamin C is one of the greatest allies in the fight for good mood and well-being.

A necessary diet component contributing to the energy metabolism. It ensures correct functioning of the nervous and the digestive system, keeping the skin in good shape. Vitamin B3 deficiency causes dejection, depression, malaise, mental and physical tiredness. It plays a particularly active role in the body detoxification.

Deficiency of vitamin B5 causes nervous system disorders, depression, excessive irritability, hair loss, skin changes, problems with vision, fatigue and cardiovascular diseases. It protects the liver against steatosis resulting from excessive alcohol consumption.

Involved in the metabolism of neurotransmitters, including the production of serotonin and dopamine – the happiness hormones responsible for the good mood and well-being, it is essential for proper functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin B6 deficiency causes depression, apathy, insomnia, premature aging of neurons, overall organism deterioration, heart muscle disorders and skin changes. Alcohol consumption is one of the factors contributing to vitamin B6 deficiency.

Biotin deficiency primarily increases the level of bad cholesterol in the organism. It is responsible for inflammations, hair loss and baldness. It is indispensable in the production of glucose, being the “fuel” necessary for proper functioning of the human body main control center – the brain. The symptoms of its deficiency include neurological complications, such as hallucinations and depression. It is responsible for proper functioning of the nervous system and psychological functions.

Safeguarding proper functioning of the nervous system and the brain, it is crucial for mental health, participates in the formation of neurostimulating substances, such as dopamine, noradrenaline and adrenaline, that improve memory and alertness. It also ensures proper functioning of the liver and the cardiovascular system. Deficiency of vitamin B9 causes a feeling of tiredness, depression, insomnia, forgetfulness, digestive disorders, headaches, palpitations and increased cell susceptibility to cancerous changes.

Required in the production of red blood cells, it is responsible for good mood and mental health. It promotes proper functioning of the heart and is essential to maintaining good condition of the brain and the nervous system. Vitamin B12 deficiency manifests itself as a complex medical condition whose main symptoms include hematological, neurological, psychiatric and gastrointestinal tract problems. People who abuse alcohol, vegetarians and those suffering from gastrointestinal tract diseases are at risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency.

It stabilizes the functions of the nervous system and improves the brain cell activity. It has a soothing effect on the organism, improving memory and the ability to think, and is necessary for transmission of nerve impulses in neuromuscular junctions. Magnesium deficiencies may manifest themselves as improper functioning of muscles, excessive irritability, head aches and insomnia.

Being a key component of the organism’s antioxidant system as well as a regulator for multiple enzymes, it detoxifies the organism and binds free radicals resulting from alcohol abuse. It improves the functioning of reproductive organs (e.g. prostate) and is responsible for production and secretion of testosterone. It also supports the immune system and processes of vision.

It detoxifies and supports the organism in the neutralization and elimination of xenobiotics, i.e. harmful substances of foreign origin, but also features antioxidant properties. Along with caffeine and taurine, it improves the organism’s cognitive functions and performance.

It functions as a basic substance in the body detoxification process, efficiently removing toxins and neutralizing free radicals formed in the liver due to excessive alcohol consumption. It has major impact on every system of the organism, and especially the immune, nervous and digestive system. It also strengthens the organism in a general manner, particularly under the condition of mental and physical fatigue.

An exceptional compound that has a relaxing effect, mitigating the feeling of anxiety and stress. It considerably improves the mental health and cognitive abilities, but also stabilizes the mood. It is characterised by cardioprotective properties and promotes the glucose metabolism. Inositol deficiency puts people at risk of prolonged stress. It is commonly referred to as the good mood vitamin.

It raises natural levels of testosterone in the organism, leading to the libido increase, considerable improvement in the well-being, increased muscle endurance. It acts as a neurotransmitter, improves memory, facilitates learning and memorizing, eases the feeling of fatigue, improves sleep and accelerates the body regeneration after exercise.

This organic acid, being a substrate of major metabolic cycles occurring in the organism, works as a natural antioxidant. Supplying body cells with the energy necessary for their proper functioning, it accelerates the process of alcohol neutralization.

Well known of its antioxidant properties, it effectively accelerates the removal of harmful substances from the liver and prevents the build-up of harmful toxins, especially those resulting from excessive alcohol consumption. It helps to effectively protect the brain against damage from alcohol and tobacco smoke. It is a component of the enzyme system involved in the metabolism of alcohol.

It conditions the body regeneration and makes it possible to reach a higher level of physical health and natural immunity extremely quickly. It improves functions of the heart muscle and the brain, reducing the risk of diseases by strengthening the immune system.

Particularly important “fuel” which provides muscles with long-term access to pure energy. Maltodextrin, with its slow absorption rate, supplies the body with a lot of clean energy that allows the organism function without any disturbances for prolonged periods of time.

A microelement truly essential to life. It is responsible for the excitability of nerve and muscle cells. The organism looses considerable amounts of this component mostly during intensive activities and under high temperature conditions.

It enhances the libido, adds energy and restores clarity of the mind, improving concentration and memory as well. It features soothing properties and prevents the effects of stress and exhaustion. Ginseng increases vitality and helps the organism in times of stress caused by the effects of excessive alcohol consumption. It effectively reduces the levels of bad cholesterol and has anti-cancer properties.

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